Signs & Game Boards Made by Lisa

Monday, October 11, 2010

A New Creation ~ Crock Collector Sign

Here is my latest creation.  It measures 10x26 and is perfect for any Antique Crock Collector.  The background on this sign is Barn Red over Black, but can be made with any color.  The crocks are painted with Country Tan and Coffee Bean and the of course Cobalt Blue paint.  The sign is then sanded and rubbed with dark walnut stain. 


Here it is displayed with some of my crocks.  I just love the way it turned out.007


Price is $35.00.  If you are interested in placing an order please send me your request to


~ Blessings Always!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Willow Tree Light for Sale

Looking for a new light for your stand in your family room?  How about your night stand?  Well…… I am selling this very prim willow tree light.  It is $50.00 and shipping is not included.  If you send me an e-mail to and let me know where you are located then I can work on shipping costs.  Please only e-mail me with serious inquiries.  Thank you!!


Here are some pictures of the light. 





Thanks for looking!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I ♥ this NEW creation!!

Well, I have been working my fingers to the bone and this is my latest and greatest creation.  Hot off the sewing machine (lol).  I thought of this project while I was cutting fabric the other evening and just took off from there.  It was intended to be used in my kitchen, but after I started putting items into the pocket…. I realized that it could be used in any room.  I love the dried flowers that I placed in the pocket and the wood spoons just add a little something, but my original plan was to put my handmade cookbook in it and place recipe cards in the cheese-cloth pocket.  Here is my favorite creation yet!!

The price is $17.00 and does not include any of the items inside the pocket.


Thank you for your interest.  I appreciate you looking!!

If you are interested in placing an order then please e-mail me.  All orders are made when received.  Thanks!!

My New Creations ~ Sewing!!

Sewing has arrived at Londonberry Primitives!!  I have some new items that I created and thought I would add them to my selling blog if anyone is interested in them.  If you are interested in purchasing anything then please e-mail me at


The following towels are $9.00 each.  If you are looking for a specific label for your towel then I can see what I can do, but the turn-a-round time might be a bit longer.  If you are looking for a towel made with the checkered homespun then the price goes up to $12.00/each.  Here are the items that can be made to order.  Thank you!

*click on picture to enlarge*

003 004


037 034

Ditty bags with labels are available as well.  They are made to order, but if you are looking for a particular label then the turn-a-round time might be longer.  Here are a couple samples ~ Price is $12.00 and could be more if you are looking for a larger bag.  Thank you for looking!

030 133

Thank you so much for your interest and for stopping by!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~ New Offerings ~

I have a couple signs and game-boards to share with all of you.  I will be posting more soon, but do not have them available as of right now.  If you are interested in purchasing then please e-mail me at

Thank you so much to all of my customers that have placed orders with me.  You allow me to do something that I truly enjoy and I appreciate it very much!!


Give Thanks ~ measures at 6x12 – Priced @ $22.00 plus shipping.


Potting Shed ~ measures at 6x18 – Priced @ $24.00 plus shipping.


Olde Lye Soap ~ all shelf sitters  measure at 2x9 – Priced @ $8.00/each plus shipping.



The Olde Homestead ~ measures at 6x24.  Priced @ $28.00 plus shipping.


Welcome sign ~ measures at 6x12 – Priced @ $22.00 plus shipping.


Primitive Gatherings ~ measures at 5x12.  Priced at $21.00 plus shipping.



Game-Boards (measure at 24x24)

You asked for it and I am offering it here!!  These extra large game-boards can be made in any prim color as long as I have it available.  These game-boards are perfect for any table top or to hang on the wall.  They measure 24x24.  Shipping may vary depending on your location.  Please e-mail me if interested.  Thank you!

006 007

008 009

Many Blessings, Lisa

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Offerings

My newest offerings are available to order right away.  If you are looking for a different color scheme then let me know and I can see if the color/colors are available.  Here is what I have to offer for you today.

The Black Crow Pottery sign is measured at 6x24 and is priced at $28.00.


This backgammon game-board measures at approx. 12x12 and is priced at $26.00.


This black crow parchessi game-board is measured at approx. 12x12 and is priced at $26.00.


These game-boards are definitely a favorite.  They are both measured at approx. 12x24 and can be made with different colors if that is what you would prefer.  You can order George Washington or Abe Lincoln or can you group them together.  Priced at $34.00/each.




Please feel free to e-mail me at ~ Prices on shipping may vary depending on where you are located in the states.  Thank you in advance for looking!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

♥ New Signs Now Available ♥

I absolutely love these news signs. I was so excited to receive the stencils and now they have arrived. I listened to several customers and followers from my Primitives From Above blog and this is what I have to offer today. Thank you to all who gave me their opinion!! It is greatly appreciated ☺


This first sign is definitely a favorite of mine. It is shown here in yellow ochre over black, but can be made in any color. The size of this sign is 6x24. Priced at $28.00



This is definitely another favorite. It is shown here as khaki tan over black, but can be made in any color. The size of this sign is 6x24. Priced at $28.00



I love the colors on this sign. It is red over black with yellow ochre letters. This sign can be made with any colors. The size of this sign is 4x18. Priced at $22.00


~ Kindred Spirits ~

This sign shown here is buttermilk over black. A favorite color scheme by many. It can be made with other prim colors. The size of this sign is 6x18. Priced at $24.00


~ Sweet Annie ~

This was a special request by a friend and customer. This sign pictured here is yellow ochre over black with red letters. The size of the sign is 6x12. Priced at $22.00



This sign pictured here is measured at 6x18 and is yellow ochre over black. It is a perfect sign for any basket lover/collector. Priced at $24.00


♦ ♦ I am currently working on prices for these signs, but wanted to get them posted so you could see them. Hope you all enjoy them. If you are interested in placing an order for one or some then just send me an e-mail. Thank you!! ♦ ♦

Sunday, February 28, 2010

New Stencils Have Arrived

Hello Prim Friends. I wanted to let you know that my new stencils have arrived. I am currently working on some signs for a wholesale order, but they will also be available to purchase. Once they are uploaded then please feel free to e-mail me with any orders or special requests. The following stencils that just arrived are......

- Mercantile
- Kindred Spirits
- Sweet Annie
- Dry Goods
- Simplify
- Baskets

Thank you as always for the continued business! Hope you enjoy these new prim signs.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Signs Coming Soon

I just ordered 6 new stencils today. I can't wait for them to arrive. I was able to create my own stencils so they will be plain & simple, but perfectly prim. I have no doubt that you all will enjoy them! Check back frequently for more updates!! Thank you for the continued business!!
Prim Blessings,

Simplify (Shelf Sitter)

Gotta love this shelf sitter. It is perfectly prim for any shelf or to just tuck in a box with some other prims or antiques. It can be made in any color and can be made with or without the stars.
Cost - $8.00 (shipping not included)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Create Your Own Game Board

You can create your own gameboard with various size stencils. That is exactly what I did here with these gameboards. I have several plain gameboard stencils that measure 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, and 11x11. Here are some that I created for myself. If you are looking for something in particular then please e-mail me and I will see what I can do to create something just for you. Colors and add-on stencils (crows, stars, weeping willow trees) may vary.
This gameboard was made with the 5x5 stencil. It is mustard over black and a willow tree and stars were added to give it a more prim look. This gameboard goes for $12.00.
This gameboard was created with the same stencil (5x5) and a couple stars and willow trees were added to give it a more prim look. The possibilities are endless. This gameboard is priced at $12.00
These gameboards were made with the 7x7 stencil and they are priced at $16.00.

This gameboard was created with the 9x9 stencil and it is priced at $20.00

This gameboard was created with the largest stencil (11x11). It is priced at $24.00

FYI - If you add more then one item (crow, stars, willow tree) depending on size then your cost of the gameboard might vary. I will of course let you know the price if it changes before making it.
Payment ~ I accept personal checks, cash or paypal. All money must be received first and cleared my bank in order for your sign/gameboard to be made. Once it is completed then it will ship out and will take approx 3-5 business day to arrive. I normally ship ALL packages out with a tracking# for your and my convenience.
Thank you,

The Keeping Room

"The Keeping Room" sign measures 4x18 and can be made in any color if the colors you request are available. These colors are mustard over black with barn red lettering. It is then sanded to your liking and stained with dark walnut stain. The price is $21.00.

Price ~ $24.00 ($5.00 for shipping)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


This sign measures 6 x 24 and can be made in any color you would like. It is sanded to your liking and then rubbed with Dark Walnut Stain. A perfectly prim finish.

Cost is $28.00 (shipping $5.00)