Signs & Game Boards Made by Lisa

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Offerings

My newest offerings are available to order right away.  If you are looking for a different color scheme then let me know and I can see if the color/colors are available.  Here is what I have to offer for you today.

The Black Crow Pottery sign is measured at 6x24 and is priced at $28.00.


This backgammon game-board measures at approx. 12x12 and is priced at $26.00.


This black crow parchessi game-board is measured at approx. 12x12 and is priced at $26.00.


These game-boards are definitely a favorite.  They are both measured at approx. 12x24 and can be made with different colors if that is what you would prefer.  You can order George Washington or Abe Lincoln or can you group them together.  Priced at $34.00/each.




Please feel free to e-mail me at ~ Prices on shipping may vary depending on where you are located in the states.  Thank you in advance for looking!!


  1. I really love your prim wares. Keep up with the signs and gameboards they are wonderful. I you get a chance, come visit me at

  2. Oh my girl! I need the game boards of the presidents for my soon to be primitive patriotic living room!! I will have to wait awhile though. I will be back!