Signs & Game Boards Made by Lisa

Friday, December 18, 2009

Game Boards and a Game Board Sign

Good Morning!! Here are some new items that I am offering on my selling blog!!
Are you a collector of game boards? Then I have the perfect sign to mix in with some of those game boards. Perfect for any room, hallway or stairwell. This sign measures 4x30 and can be made in any color. Just e-mail me your request and check to see if I have the color you are requesting. The cost is $20.00 and it includes sanding of front, back and sides, painting, antiquing and staining.
Cost is $20.00
This game board is measured at 10x10 and is definitely a favorite. Can be made in any color.
Cost is $17.00
This game board is measured at 10x10. Can be made in any color.
Cost is $17.00
This game board is measured at 10x10. Can be made in any color.
Cost is $17.00
Keeping watching for more prim goodies!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Longaberger Baskets For Sale

Yesterday I posted to my blog (Primitives from Above) several pictures of baskets that I am currently trying to sell.  I have several more, but this is the lot that I am selling right now.  I have made a list of baskets and have pictures for each and everyone of them.  If you are interested in one of the baskets listed below please e-mail me and I can send you a picture of that particular basket.  I have had several e-mails  already from gals that are interested and I also posted these on craigslist so it will be on a first come, first serve basis.  Thank you so much for your interest!!


-Spoon Basket with garter and protector - $25.00
-Cracker basket with protector - $20.00
-1999 Daisy Basket with liner and protector - $45.00
-2000 Woven Memories Basket with liner and protector - $25.00
-2000 Deck the Halls Basket with liner, protector and lid - $50.00
-1996 Mother's Day Basket with liner and protector - $42.00
-2005 Horizon of Hope Basket with protector -$30.00
-2002 Horizon of Hope Basket with liner, protector and tie on - $35.00
-2003 Horizon of Hope Basket with liner and protector - $32.00
-2000 Horizon of Hope Basket with liner, protector and tie on - $35.00


The baskets do not include pricing, but I am willing to waive the pricing if you are willing to buy them.  I would need your money previous to shipping out and it will need to clear my bank if you write a check.  Thank you again!!

Here is a picture of the Horizon of Hope baskets… perfect for any breast cancer survivor!!


Friday, October 23, 2009

New Game-Boards Available to Purchase

Here are a couple game-boards that I recently made. They both measure at 11 x 20 and can be ordered by sending me an e-mail. If you have specific colors that you would like please mention those in the e-mail and I will see what I can do to accommodate your needs.

Price - $42.00

Just e-mail me and place your order!

Olde Crow Coffee Sign

I am offering a new sign today. It has to be a favorite of mine!! It is perfect for any kitchen especially for those coffee lovers. I am not too fond of coffee, but I just love the look of the black crow drinking out of the coffee cup. This sign is perfect to setting on the counter or to hang on the wall. The measurements are 5 1/2 x 12. The price is $17.00 (shipping included)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As For Me & My House Gameboard

This definitely has to be a favorite of mine. This is another new stencil that I just recently purchased. This game board can be done in any color....just e-mail me for the list of colors and we will go from there. This game board is priced at $42.00 (shipping included).
**Discounted Prices**
NOW ~ $34.00
Barn Red over Black with Buttermilk lettering.

Miracles Happen Sign

I love this sign!! Afterall, my little boy is 100% proof that MIRACLES CAN HAPPEN!! It is something new and I love the colors that I decided to make it in. This sign is $17.00 (shipping included) and can be done in your choice of colors. Just e-mail me and request my list of colors to decide. I take personal checks and pay-pal.
Colors are Barn Red over Black and Yellow Ochre lettering.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Gameboards & Signs Coming Soon

Good Morning! Just wanted to let you all know that I placed an order today for more stencils. So, as soon as they come in then I will make some game boards and a couple signs and place them on my blog for you to see. They will be available to buy or you can special order them with your particular colors (if available) at no extra charge. Here are the game boards and signs that I ordered.
This will be an 11x20 game board

This will be an 11x20 game board
This will be a 6x12 sign
This will be a 4x30 sign

~This will be a 4x12 sign~
This will be an 11x20 game board
Stay Tuned for pictures of upcoming game boards and signs created by me!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Items for Sale - All ITEMS ARE SOLD

Morning!! Here are some items that are currently up FOR SALE. Most of these items were previously owned by me and come from a non-smoking home without pets. If you are interested in any items please e-mail me your request. The first person to send me the request through e-mail will receive the item. I do accept paypal and personal checks however I will need for them to clear my bank BEFORE shipping the item or items out to you.
This Primitive Raggedy Ann & Andy were made with alot of detail. The bottoms of Raggedy Ann and Andy are filled with some type of sand or beads so they will sit up without falling over. The stitching was done nicely with buttons added here and there.
~ I am selling them as a couple for $30.00 ~
More pictures below show the wonderful detail that was added to each prim doll.

Raggedy Ann's sleeves and her apron were stitched so nicely and then coffee/tea stained to give it a more prim look.
Andy's pants were stitched with some patches and one patch says "Annie and Andy" on it. It is so cute and you can tell alot of detail was added when making these dolls.
These are the shows on Andy
These are Annie's shoes - gotta love the button on the side
These 3 carrots are being sold for $7.00/set


This primitive black doll is being sold for $20.00

This patriotic cat is being sold for $10.00
The bottom of the cat is weighted so it will stand up straight and not fall over



This prim patriotic pillow is $8.00
Here is another Raggedy Ann, but she is much smaller
Her price is $7.00
Her necklace says "Friends Forever"
**** SOLD****
Here is another Patriotic Prim Doll. She does have wings, but they have velcro on the back so they can also be taken off. She does have a little hanger so you can hang her on the wall or just sit her up somewhere.
Price is $15.00
Here she is without the wings

This primitive black cat is being sold for $10.00

That is it for today. If you see anything that catches your eye then send me an e-mail with what you would like. I would be more then happy to provide measurements if you want them. My e-mail address is
Please be watching for more items as I should be adding more within the next couple days.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome To Our Olde Farmstead - Available to Special Order!

I am so happy with the way this sign turned out. Ok, I actually LOVE IT!! This sign can be personalized to fit your home. I chose the black background however you can pick any background color and any color for your home. When you place your order please let me know what year your home was established and I will gladly add that for you. Size of sign is 11x20
Price - $47.00 (shipping included)
**Prices discounted**
Now ~ $42.00

Available to Purchase

This gameboard is available to purchase - It is Buttermilk over black and then stained with a dark walnut topcoat. I sanded it off, but not as much as maybe some would like. I guess it is just your preference as to what you like.
Price - $24.00 (including shipping)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

More Gameboards - Available Now!

Here are two more gameboards that I am adding tonight. These are both yellow ochre over black, but the paint is made by different companies so a touch different in color, but still look great! My first gameboard is my favorite and is now available to purchase. It is also available in different colors! Just e-mail me your request. Size is 10x10

This other gameboard is available in many colors. Please e-mail me with your specifications!
Available to Purchase - *SOLD*
Price - $24.00 (shipping included)

Primitive Wares - Available to Purchase

Here is another new item that I am adding to my selling blog. This Primitive Wares sign is stenciled on a 4x12 piece of wood and it is perfect for any shelf nestled in between some of your favorite primitives. This particular sign is yellow ochre over black however I have many colors that are available. To purchase this sign or request another one with a different color - just e-mail me and I will see what I can do to help you out.
$17.00 (shipping included)

"Antiques" sign - FOR SALE

This sign is a new addition to my selling blog. It is stenciled on a 4x12 piece of wood and looks great on a shelf or hanging next to some old antiques. This sign is available to purchase, but can also be requested in different colors. Please send all order requests to my e-mail address.
Price - $17.00 (includes shipping)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Orders & Clarification

Just wanted to let you all know that I received some new stencils on Friday. I will be making some new items, but wanted to let you all know that if you see anything that is already on my blog, but says SOLD...... that doesn't mean that I don't have anymore available. I do take special orders and I can re-make anything that is already sold. Just wanted to clarify that for everyone.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Olde Plantation Game Company - Est. 1889

Game boards are one of my favorites! They are definitely a perfect addition to any room. Here are a couple different ones that I made and sold, but all are available to be made again. I will tell you that I tried making a red over black and it did not turn out. You could hardly tell there was even a game board on the piece of wood. This game board is stenciled on a 10x10 piece of wood and available in a wide array of colors. Please e-mail me with the colors that you are looking for and I will see if it is available. I can sand as much off as you would like or I can sand off as little as you would like. Just let me know your preference.
This Game board is Available** SOLD**
Available for Purchase - **SOLD**
Available for Purchase - **SOLD**
Price is $24.00 (shipping included)

Olde Crow Seed Co. - Sow Seeds of Love

This sign is perfect for any area in your home. It is painted on a 4x12 piece of wood and this particular sign was painted mustard over black. I sanded it to give it an older and more prim appearance and then added a top coat of Minwax Walnut Gel Stain. This particular sign is available in many colors just e-mail me to check on color availability.
Price is $17.00 (shipping included)

Yellow Ware - Circa 1841

This Yellow Ware sign is perfect for any Yellow Ware collector! It is stenciled on a 10x10 piece of wood and can be painted with any color. This sign was painted black and the stencil was done in yellow ochre. I do have a brighter yellow ochre which I can use as well, but I thought this one was the closest to the natural yellow ware color. You can specify any colors - just send me an e-mail and I will let you know what colors I have available. Thank you!

Price is $22.00 (shipping included)

By Special Request......

After many requests..... I have started my selling blog! Alot of my great prim friends encouraged me to start one up so here I am. If you aren't familiar with my other blog Primitives From Above then be sure to check it out. I truly enjoy making new items. It is just so much fun watching something come alive and create something that other prim lovers might just like. My goal is to make items that you all will enjoy. We all have different tastes in what we use to decorate our homes with or what we might have in mind for a gift so I encourage you to share your thoughts in what YOU are looking for. I myself like items to look real prim, but some of you might not like that worn off look so please be sure to share that with me if you request me to make an item for you. I will make a variety of signs, game boards, prim blocks and I might even have a few reproduction items available here and there. What is a reproduction item? This could be an item that I buy at a local thrift store or antique mall and refinish it to give it a new primitive look. If you aren't sure what I am talking about then be sure to check out some of my thrift store buys that I re-did on my Prims from Above blog site. I definitely made alot of items come to life just by sanding, painting and staining. My goal is to not only have fun doing something that I truly love, but to make you all happy in the meantime. Be sure to send all orders to my e-mail address at - in the subject line please be sure to state that it is an order request and what you are looking for. If the subject line does not include this information then there is a good possibility I will not open the mail due to virus issues. Thank you in advance for your orders!!