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Thursday, January 28, 2010

You Create Your Own Game Board

You can create your own gameboard with various size stencils. That is exactly what I did here with these gameboards. I have several plain gameboard stencils that measure 5x5, 7x7, 9x9, and 11x11. Here are some that I created for myself. If you are looking for something in particular then please e-mail me and I will see what I can do to create something just for you. Colors and add-on stencils (crows, stars, weeping willow trees) may vary.
This gameboard was made with the 5x5 stencil. It is mustard over black and a willow tree and stars were added to give it a more prim look. This gameboard goes for $12.00.
This gameboard was created with the same stencil (5x5) and a couple stars and willow trees were added to give it a more prim look. The possibilities are endless. This gameboard is priced at $12.00
These gameboards were made with the 7x7 stencil and they are priced at $16.00.

This gameboard was created with the 9x9 stencil and it is priced at $20.00

This gameboard was created with the largest stencil (11x11). It is priced at $24.00

FYI - If you add more then one item (crow, stars, willow tree) depending on size then your cost of the gameboard might vary. I will of course let you know the price if it changes before making it.
Payment ~ I accept personal checks, cash or paypal. All money must be received first and cleared my bank in order for your sign/gameboard to be made. Once it is completed then it will ship out and will take approx 3-5 business day to arrive. I normally ship ALL packages out with a tracking# for your and my convenience.
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  1. You do an awesome job on all of your signs & gameboards!

  2. Gameboards are my favorite!! You do such nice ones!

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  4. I messed up my previous comment! Sorry

    I love mix matching stencils to make unique game boards and signs.Yours are beautiful. Hugs BeCca

  5. hi, love your blog, i'm from ohio also, stop by my blog & say hi, i have cutting boards :) gio