Signs & Game Boards Made by Lisa

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~ New Offerings ~

I have a couple signs and game-boards to share with all of you.  I will be posting more soon, but do not have them available as of right now.  If you are interested in purchasing then please e-mail me at

Thank you so much to all of my customers that have placed orders with me.  You allow me to do something that I truly enjoy and I appreciate it very much!!


Give Thanks ~ measures at 6x12 – Priced @ $22.00 plus shipping.


Potting Shed ~ measures at 6x18 – Priced @ $24.00 plus shipping.


Olde Lye Soap ~ all shelf sitters  measure at 2x9 – Priced @ $8.00/each plus shipping.



The Olde Homestead ~ measures at 6x24.  Priced @ $28.00 plus shipping.


Welcome sign ~ measures at 6x12 – Priced @ $22.00 plus shipping.


Primitive Gatherings ~ measures at 5x12.  Priced at $21.00 plus shipping.



Game-Boards (measure at 24x24)

You asked for it and I am offering it here!!  These extra large game-boards can be made in any prim color as long as I have it available.  These game-boards are perfect for any table top or to hang on the wall.  They measure 24x24.  Shipping may vary depending on your location.  Please e-mail me if interested.  Thank you!

006 007

008 009

Many Blessings, Lisa