Signs & Game Boards Made by Lisa

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Gameboards & Signs Coming Soon

Good Morning! Just wanted to let you all know that I placed an order today for more stencils. So, as soon as they come in then I will make some game boards and a couple signs and place them on my blog for you to see. They will be available to buy or you can special order them with your particular colors (if available) at no extra charge. Here are the game boards and signs that I ordered.
This will be an 11x20 game board

This will be an 11x20 game board
This will be a 6x12 sign
This will be a 4x30 sign

~This will be a 4x12 sign~
This will be an 11x20 game board
Stay Tuned for pictures of upcoming game boards and signs created by me!


  1. Love all of your new items. May have to have another one of your specials! The slideshow looks great......I got so excited when I saw it. Thanks for sharing, Lisa. Sherrie

  2. New to your site......just stopping to say hi. Lovely work! Come visit me at Painting Thyme Needfuls.