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Friday, July 3, 2009

Items for Sale - All ITEMS ARE SOLD

Morning!! Here are some items that are currently up FOR SALE. Most of these items were previously owned by me and come from a non-smoking home without pets. If you are interested in any items please e-mail me your request. The first person to send me the request through e-mail will receive the item. I do accept paypal and personal checks however I will need for them to clear my bank BEFORE shipping the item or items out to you.
This Primitive Raggedy Ann & Andy were made with alot of detail. The bottoms of Raggedy Ann and Andy are filled with some type of sand or beads so they will sit up without falling over. The stitching was done nicely with buttons added here and there.
~ I am selling them as a couple for $30.00 ~
More pictures below show the wonderful detail that was added to each prim doll.

Raggedy Ann's sleeves and her apron were stitched so nicely and then coffee/tea stained to give it a more prim look.
Andy's pants were stitched with some patches and one patch says "Annie and Andy" on it. It is so cute and you can tell alot of detail was added when making these dolls.
These are the shows on Andy
These are Annie's shoes - gotta love the button on the side
These 3 carrots are being sold for $7.00/set


This primitive black doll is being sold for $20.00

This patriotic cat is being sold for $10.00
The bottom of the cat is weighted so it will stand up straight and not fall over



This prim patriotic pillow is $8.00
Here is another Raggedy Ann, but she is much smaller
Her price is $7.00
Her necklace says "Friends Forever"
**** SOLD****
Here is another Patriotic Prim Doll. She does have wings, but they have velcro on the back so they can also be taken off. She does have a little hanger so you can hang her on the wall or just sit her up somewhere.
Price is $15.00
Here she is without the wings

This primitive black cat is being sold for $10.00

That is it for today. If you see anything that catches your eye then send me an e-mail with what you would like. I would be more then happy to provide measurements if you want them. My e-mail address is
Please be watching for more items as I should be adding more within the next couple days.

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