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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Olde Plantation Game Company - Est. 1889

Game boards are one of my favorites! They are definitely a perfect addition to any room. Here are a couple different ones that I made and sold, but all are available to be made again. I will tell you that I tried making a red over black and it did not turn out. You could hardly tell there was even a game board on the piece of wood. This game board is stenciled on a 10x10 piece of wood and available in a wide array of colors. Please e-mail me with the colors that you are looking for and I will see if it is available. I can sand as much off as you would like or I can sand off as little as you would like. Just let me know your preference.
This Game board is Available** SOLD**
Available for Purchase - **SOLD**
Available for Purchase - **SOLD**
Price is $24.00 (shipping included)


  1. Love your selling blog Lisa...your a hit already:)

  2. Lisa, I love your new selling blog and love the name you chose!! I was shocked to see you had it up and running. Wishing you lots of luck and many blessings with this new endeavor!
    Prim friend, Sherrie

  3. How wonderful Lisa! Wishing you every success! Looks like you are off to a great start! Have a super weekend now...