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Thursday, May 28, 2009

By Special Request......

After many requests..... I have started my selling blog! Alot of my great prim friends encouraged me to start one up so here I am. If you aren't familiar with my other blog Primitives From Above then be sure to check it out. I truly enjoy making new items. It is just so much fun watching something come alive and create something that other prim lovers might just like. My goal is to make items that you all will enjoy. We all have different tastes in what we use to decorate our homes with or what we might have in mind for a gift so I encourage you to share your thoughts in what YOU are looking for. I myself like items to look real prim, but some of you might not like that worn off look so please be sure to share that with me if you request me to make an item for you. I will make a variety of signs, game boards, prim blocks and I might even have a few reproduction items available here and there. What is a reproduction item? This could be an item that I buy at a local thrift store or antique mall and refinish it to give it a new primitive look. If you aren't sure what I am talking about then be sure to check out some of my thrift store buys that I re-did on my Prims from Above blog site. I definitely made alot of items come to life just by sanding, painting and staining. My goal is to not only have fun doing something that I truly love, but to make you all happy in the meantime. Be sure to send all orders to my e-mail address at - in the subject line please be sure to state that it is an order request and what you are looking for. If the subject line does not include this information then there is a good possibility I will not open the mail due to virus issues. Thank you in advance for your orders!!


  1. Hey you! I didn't even realize you had this up and running!!!
    I wish all the best!! :)


  2. Congratulations for your selling blog and good luck with your sales. Yesterday,I open my selling blog too. New istems will be posted this weekend. You can see it at:

  3. What a nice surprise! I didn't expect to see anything until later next month. Best of luck to you.

  4. I love the new blog Lisa! Saving it to my favorites now.


  5. Lisa, Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Best of Luck on your new adventure!